Mark Nunnikhoven

Vice President, Cloud Research at Trend Micro

Mark Nunnikhoven explores the impact of technology on individuals, organizations, and communities through the lens of privacy and security. Asking the question, "How can we better protect our information?", Mark studies the world of cybercrime to better understand the risks and threats to our digital world. You can find Mark online @marknca and

Simon Wardley

Researcher for Leading Edge Forum

Simon Wardley is a Researcher for Leading Edge Forum, a global research and thought leadership programme dedicated to helping large organizations reimagine their organizations and leadership for a technology-driven future. Simon is also lead practitioner for LEFs Wardley Maps Advisory service which helps client anticipate market and ecosystem developments so they know where to go and why.

Charity Majors

Co-founder of, formerly Facebook

A world-class engineering leader that has built teams responsible for scaling and maintaining distributed application infrastructure across many locations, first for Linden Labs with Second Life, and then again with Parse and Facebook. Now she’s doing it one more time as co-founder at her new company honeycomb.

John Willis

Vice President of Devops and Digital Practices at SJ Technologies, Formerly Docker

John Willis is Vice President of Devops and Digital Practices at SJ Technologies. Prior to SJT he was the Director of Ecosystem Development for Docker. John is the author of 7 IBM Redbooks and is co-author of the “Devops Handbook” along with authors Gene Kim and Jez Humble.

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