Workshop / 01

Build your own serverless video sharing website

with Lambda, API Gateway and Firebase

Learn how to build your very own video sharing website, like YouTube, using serverless technologies. During the workshop you will build an entire end to end system (along with an HTML5 website) that's powered by AWS Lambda and API Gateway, S3, Elastic Transcoder, Firebase, Auth0 and much more. As you are guided through the workshops you will also learn about useful patterns and architectures such as "compute as backend" and "compute as glue". This workshop is suitable for beginners and experts alike (and if you are an expert we'll be sure to challenge you just a little bit more)

Workshop / 02

Build a Chatbot

with Lambda & Serverless Framework

Everybody likes chat bots so why not build your very own!? In this workshop you will design and a build a serverless chatbot using AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework. You'll get to integrate your bot with Slack and learn a bunch of cool serverless tips and tricks. At the end we might even add a few more AWS services to make your bot super intelligent. Step-by-step guidance and example code will be provided throughout the workshop so it is suitable for beginners and experts.

Workshop / 03

Event driven security

in AWS with Lambda

Serverless security might be one of the hottest topics of 2017. Public cloud and serverless architectures throw up challenges to traditional security approaches. First up Mike and Adrian discuss these challenges. But in addition, this workshop will explore the many ways that serverless components can enhance AWS cloud security for both serverless and ‘traditional’ cloud workloads. This workshop bridges ‘traditional’ and serverless cloud on AWS, and is a must for anyone targeting secure production systems with Amazon's technologies.

Workshop / 04

Develop a Serverless weatherbot

with IBM Cloud Functions, Apache OpenWisk and Serverless Framework

Learn the basics and strengths of IBM Cloud Functions & Apache OpenWhisk. In this workshop you will learn how to develop serverless applications composed of loosely coupled microservice-like functions. You’ll play with our CLI and UI and become an IBM Cloud Functions & Apache OpenWhisk star by implementing a weather bot using IBM’s Weather Company Data service and Slack. You will also investigate how to use other components like our API Gateway integration. Finally, you will find out how to package and deploy your entire serverless application together using the Serverless Framework.

Workshop / 05

Create a trainable bot as a service

with Azure Functions and Logic Apps

Build your own serverless app which offers users their bot they can train how to do things. You’ll learn how to host an entire service with Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Storage, and more. Members of the Azure product teams will guide you through the workshops to learn how to host static content, manage users and authentication, manage long running tasks, and integration with tons of SaaS services. This workshop is for anyone interested in building a service, beginners and experts alike. Step by step instruction and source code will be provided.